United States Army Air Force Station 526

Over the past 16 years, I have been researching the presence of the United States Army Air Force,
stationed in Bures between 1943 and 1945

Thousands of Bombs and other Munitions were stored in local woods and along country lanes by the USAAF,
ready to be deployed to Airfields in Essex and South Suffolk
Munitions arrived by train to Chappel from Liverpool and Immingham Docks,
where they were offloaded onto waiting lorries ready for dispersal.

There was no offical records retained by the UK War Dept or the USAAF, apart from the Station Number.

So the book is unique in its publication, as you will not find this information documented elsewhere.

The contents relied heavily on local interviews with parishioners from
Bures, Pebmarsh, Colne Engaine, Wakes Colne, White Colne, Earls Colne and other adjoining parishes out as far as Braintree.
Difficult to say how many people I intervewed, but it was in excess of sixty.

My research was eventually recognised by ex-servicemen in the States, who very kindly contacted me with additional material.

Published 1st September 2020
updated 29/09/2021