Life in Bures during WW2

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Bures at War

Published 20th July 2021

It tells the story of how the parishioners of Bures coped during the War.
It describes the work of the Home Guard, Bures Secret Army, Air Raid Wardens, the local British Restaurant, the WI and lots more

A4 size with 144 pages.
( Mix of B&W and Colour photographs)

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Bures at War, Ver3

This book offers a captivating glimpse into how the village endured the challenges of war. The author undoubtedly invested a significant amount of time in meticulously cataloguing the Head Teachers' notes and scouring numerous newspaper archives.

The contents of this book encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from the gravely serious accounts of German oil bomb attacks to the lighthearted and amusing escapades of the local Home Guard. It is truly remarkable how every single individual in the village rallied together during times of hardship, overcoming shortages of clothing and food.

One cannot help but wonder if the same spirit of unity and resilience would prevail if we were to face similar circumstances today.

It is evident that an immense amount of research has been dedicated to the creation of this book, making it an invaluable source of historical information for the foreseeable future.


John Whybrow

This book is amazing as it provides a unique insight into how the parishioners managed to cope during the war years. It's evident that the author dedicated countless hours to meticulously comb through Hugh Creeks' extensive collection of notes and clippings in order to select the most valuable pieces of information to include in this publication.

Throughout the book, there are moments of utmost seriousness, particularly when considering that the Germans dropped canister bombs just a few miles away from the village. However, there are also lighthearted and humorous anecdotes about the Home Guard that add a touch of levity to the narrative.

I am eagerly anticipating the release of the author's fourth book, as his writing style and ability to capture the essence of historical events is truly remarkable

Clive Doddinghurst
Bristol, ex Bures boy.

Published 19th July 2021

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