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Updates to Bures at War, Life in the Village
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LINK:- Dedication of CWGC Engraved Tablet on Katherine's Carr`s grave ( 18/08/21)
This took me in excess of five years to persuade the CWGC, that Katherine's grave deserved official recognition
with an engraved headstone.
There are now an Official CWGC signs, at the two entrances to the Cemetery.

Katherine Carr page 136 update (29/09/21)

Anderson Shelter, Page 72

Warships Fortnight page 55 (22/10/2021)


Link to Chambers Pill Box Demolition Quotations (01/01/2023)

Link to the British Resistance Organisation web site (08/12/2021)

The local Women's Land Army Hostel at Leavenheath(08/12/20)


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